Storage Solutions

Organisation and Clutter Free Facility 

When it comes to design the floor plan of your gym space and facility, the storage of your equipment is the key factor to optimize your training flow and classes.


  • No more trip hazards with equipments on the floor 
  • Sort and find your equipments quickly
  • Welcoming for your members and athletes
  • Optimize floor and wall space with either fixed storages, wall storages, rack storages or wheeled storages

CUSTOMIZE AND EXPAND : Our STD Storages are compatible with our STD Rigs and Racks. Meaning you can build your very own and it can grow with you and your business. 

Although we have pre-set storage solutions, you can mix and match according to your needs.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST : because storage means quantity, our equipments are made of 3-8mm thick steel to be able to load them without risk. 

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