Because we believe in real-life experience and field tested equipments, our equipments showroom is set up at MAP Training, an active cross training / performance training center based in Vionnaz, Switzerland.

Bars, Racks, Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Flooring and everyting in between are put to the test everyday through multiples training sessions and repeated use (and abuse)

This allows us to get feedback on the durability, the ergonomics and the built quality of our equipments. 

Come test the Equipments by yourself and see why DMS is your Premium Choice for Functional Fitness Equipments.

Schedule a meeting with our staff in our "Contact Us" section or Chat directly through the chat box at the bottom of the Page.

Showroom address and details :

MAP Training sarl

Route du Simplon 89

1895 Vionnaz, Valais


Contact: Romain Henneton

WhatsApp +41 79 892 31 82

Looking Forward to meet you

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