When it comes to choose (or pick should we say) a barbell, there are many things to consider. 

Here are a few tips and quick references to help you with your decision.

To help you understand the difference between our different type of bar, please check our Barbell Comparison Table.

To understand what we're talking about, let's check the anatomy of a barbell first

1. Tensile Strength (or the bar's ability to sustain pressure): calculated in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

  • 150,000-180,000 PSI / 150-180 kpsi: Good and suitable for most athletes.
  • 180,000+ PSI / 180+ kpsi: Well constructed barbell that should last a long amount of time.
  • Most of the competition and powerlifting bars will reach even greater kpsi - 200-225 kpsi for the strongest.
  • ALL OUR TRAINING AND COMPETITION BARBELLS are at least graded at 180 kpsi so you can trust them to last for a long time and follow your progression.

2. The Type of Training determines the type of bar to use:

As a rule of thumb...

  • A Powerlifter won't need the same bar as a Weightlifter.
  • A Competitive Weightlifter won't get the most out of a Multipurpose bar either.
  • A Multipurpose bar will fit most of the people for everyday training.
  • A Specialty barbell will have specific functions and build.

3. The difference between the type of bars:


  • Designed to train on the main lifts - squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press.
  • Stiffer and with a more aggressive knurling (grip) than the other types of bars. The aggressive grip helps with a better control of the bar.
  • (BIG) Bushings in the collars only to minimize the shaft rotation when executing the lift
  • Center knurling (medium to passive) to assist when doing squats.
  • IPF Marking only.
  • Standard Shaft diameter is 29mm (vs 28/28.5mm for other type of bars)
  • 195-230 kpsi for high tensile strength to withstand heavy loads


  • Similar to a Power Bar but with a narrower shaft (27mm) for increased grip strength AND more bend (also referred as whip) to assist the lifter when initiating the first pull from the floor.


A bar to train closely to the competition environment.

  • Designed to train the 2 main lifts of Olympic Weightlifting such as Snatch and Clean & Jerk
  • Dynamic and Medium/Medium-Aggressive knurling to help with speed and higher repetition sets
  • Bushings and Bearings in Collars for increased bar spin thus preventing wrists and joints injuries. The Goal is to have the shaft rotating independently to the weight to create a friction-free lift. Top bars have 8-10 precision bearings total (4 in each sleeve)
  • Whip is higher than other type of bars to create elasticity when Cleaning and Jerking.
  • IWF Marking only.
  • Passive center knurling to help in the front squat position during the Clean without digging too much in the skin and collarbone.
  • Standard shaft diameter is 28/28.5mm for 20kg barbell and 25mm for 15kg barbell.
  • 180-215 kpsi is the recommended tensile strength for Weightlifting barbells.
  • Suitable for weightlifting and crossfit style workouts.


An everyday bar to fit any type of training and environment. These bars are the most popular as they offer the best of both worlds and will fit most training styles.

  • Build and construction almost identical to the Weightlifting bar.
  • Colors, coating and custom designs making them more fun and approachable. 
  • Slightly cheaper vs Weightlifting bar because of the type of steel and number of bearings/bushings.
  • Medium/Passive Knurling suited for higher repetitions training style such as Crossfit.
  • Dual Marking IPF and IWF
  • (Most of the time) No center knurling.


These bars have an unique function or a very specific type of use in mind.

To name a few : Technique BarSafety Squat Bar, Buffalo Bar, Bamboo (oscillating) bar, EZ bar, Trap Bar, Open Trap Bar, Axle Bar, etc. 

4. Coating

When it come to coating and finish, our favorites are 

  • Titanium Treatment : unique looks + abrasion resistance + feel of the bar
  • Cerakote : color choices + abrasion resistance + feel of the bar
  • Hard Chrome : Classic look + long life + feel of the bar
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