Bar & Plates Packages


We have created packages according to budget, type of training and level of practice.

Our Expert Tips:

  1. BUY SMART: you don’t need to have the latest and most expensive gears to get started but you want equipments that last and are able to progress with you. Buying cheap will mostly result in being limited with your progression and you'll have to change quickly. That's why you see so many low quality gear for resell on marketplace. And you don’t want to be part of the buy-resell-buy again equipment lifecycle. Buying a premium bar and a good set of training bumpers that last for years will save you headache and money. 
  2. BARS: We offer multiple bar options for male, female and teenagers. We recommend multi-purpose training bar such as our Galaxy Bars, Sirius and Vega Bars and Technique Bars as they are perfect to progress and vary your type of training. 
  • Beginners: We recommend bumpers set from 60-80 kg for female and 80-100 kg for male. This will allow you to progress with the Olympic Lifts without being limited in your Powerlifting. As a plus, we recommend to complete your set with a set of Fractional plates for micro-adjustment in your programming. 
  • Intermediate-Advanced: We recommend 80-120kg for female and 100-150kg for male. 
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