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PR110M POWER RACK - Pure Black with Black XL J-Hooks is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The PR110M is a workhorse for your powerlifting and stationary training.

The PR110M offers an inside depth of 110cm giving your a large clearance to squat safely inside the rack. 


  • 2 Squat stations: 1 inside + 1 outside the rack (1 additional J-Hooks pair necessary for 2 simultaneous stations).
  • 1 Single Pull-Up / Muscle Up station
  • 1 pair of Heavy Duty Safety Strap
  • 1 pair of Safety Spotter Arms

STD Uprights and STD Xbeam are build from 75*75*3mm Pro Grade Steel offering stability rigidity and they will last a lifetime.

Unlimited Customization : Compatible with all our line of STD rigs and racks, STD storage solutions and STD Attachments to expand to multiple station and complete your set up according to your needs.

The PR110M includes:

  • 4x STD 232cm Upright with lasered numbers and steel logo plate

  • 4x STD 110cm XBeams

  • 1x STD 110cm Pull Up bar

  • 1x 110cm STD Back Logo Plate

  • 1x STD HD Safety Strap Pair

  • 1x STD Safety Spotter Arms Pair

  • 1x STD XL J-Hooks Pair with the color of your choice: Pure Black / Matte Light Gray / Copper

Standard Color in Pure Black

*Also available in complete Hulk Green (depending on stock availability)

Custom Black & Color combination: create your custom rack with your preferred colours in the "Build Your Own Rack" Section.

Check our "Quick Reference Guide for Building your Power Rack" to help you choose the fitting components.

Available Colors: Hulk Green, Deep Blue, Matte Light Gray, Copper, Chrome* (with Supplement)

Special color Combination and Customization on Request through our "Contact Us" form in our "About US" Section 

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  • STD Sandwich J-Hooks 
  • STD Jammer Arms
  • STD Dip Bar                                                  
  • STD Pull Up Bar with Rotating + Adjustable Handles                  
  • STD Wall Ball Target
  • STD Chrome Plate Holders
  • STD Battlerope Anchor
  • STD Storage Tiers

Note: The power rack has to be bolted to the floor*

*Floor Hardware is non-included and has to be purchased separately. Please consult with your local specialist regarding the floor installation and wall mounting.


  • Dimensions: H232*W136*D136cm  
  • Dimensions (with Spotter Arms): H232*W136*D201cm                   
  • Tubes: 75*75*3mm Pro Grade steel
  • Max Load: 600 kg / 1320 Lbs
  • Gross Weight: 146 kg
  • Net Weight: 141 kg


  • STD Storage Tiers for Bumpers, Kettlebells, Dumbbells snd Wall Ball
  • STD Sandwich J-Cups
  • STD Jammer Arms 
  • STD Dip Bar                                            
  • STD Pull Up Bar with Rotating + Adjustable Handles                  
  • STD Wall Ball Target
  • STD Plate Holders
  • STD Safety Spotter Arms
  • STD Battlerope Anchor


  • Lifetime on steel frame 
  • 2 Years on UHMV lining
  • 3 Years on Safety Straps
  • Indoor use only
*Warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear and is only limited to regular use (void in case of alterations to the products and/or use of additional weights above the max load capacity)
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